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Different Types Of Pattu Silk Chanderi Sarees

Posted by Admin on July, 13, 2020

Pattu is a Tamil word that means silk and pattu silk sarees are mainly South Indian sarees with silky smooth lustre and texture. It is renowned for its traditional form with some modern patterns nowadays. There are different types of pattu silk chanderi sarees like

• Samudrika pattu,
• Vastrakala pattu,
• Vasundhara pattu
• Parampara pattu,
• Uppada pattu sarees

The lustre and soft texture is the elegance of this category saree. Beautiful quality pattu sarees are readily available in markets being supplied by many Pattu Silk Chanderi Sarees Supplier if you like to get a traditional outfit.

Origin of Pattu silk Chanderi sarees
Undoubtedly the most opulent of all is the south Indian silk sarees. Silk from this region is exceptionally famous. Mysore is one of the biggest exporters of woven as well as raw silks in the world. From this booming centre of textile productions, fabrics are supplied to all the corners of India. Being one of the traditional Indian silk sarees, these use only the most beautiful silk threads when weaving.

The most popular variety is the pattu sari, a type of woven chanderi saree made by combining fine silk threads with a single golden thread in every yarn. It is generally decorated with gold thread designs that are woven into the fabric itself. The result is a product dense and rich, yet soft and sophisticated in its looks.

What is so special about Pattu Silk Sarees?
It has a peculiarly luxurious with a shimmer and a smooth texture. Also, it is considered as one of the most exclusive and expensive sarees in the world been worn by fashion divas on ramps and red carpets. It is also one of the most preferred south Indian bridal sarees. It is thought to be a favourable choice for an Indian bride, especially Tamil Bride.

Where to buy Pattu Silk Chanderi sarees?
Get it from wholesale Pattu Silk Chanderi Sarees Supplier in Madhya Pradesh. The world-famous exclusive sarees are available at the best sarees suppliers Madhya Pradesh. They have the latest design and customised sarees for their clients.

Why choose them?

Choosing them will be a great idea as you will receive the best delivery experience and that too at an affordable rate. Some so many suppliers are recognised for the services that they provide to customers and clients. This is the reason why saree suppliers in Madhya Pradesh are highly preferred among clients throughout the country.

With a great range of products, skills, and knowledge, they are recognised as the best sarees suppliers in Madhya Pradesh, India. They follow some values and rules which make them unique and different than the suppliers from other states.

• Customised business solutions
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They also have excellent team members who are appointed by the company due to their skills and qualification. They are always there to help and guide you and will provide you with the best solutions to your problem. Select the most reliable and resourceful Pattu silk chanderi sarees supplier India and enjoy their product quality and excellent customer service.

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