Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 22 Oct 2020 17:16:02 +0530 en-us Cotton Silk Sarees Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 At Chanderi Sarees Handloom, we hold the fame of being the largest cotton silk sarees suppliers in India. Our range of cotton silk sarees is comfortable to wear, due to its versatile and soft material. Our huge listing of cotton silk sarees is preferred by women from all spheres who prefer a blend of style with comfort. The offered cotton silk sarees are here to rule your wardrobe. Buy Cotton Silk Sarees from us Defined by its light-weight fabric, vibrant colours, stunning designs, and matchless patterns, we believe in offering cotton silk sarees that can be worn on any occasion and can be draped in any way. We offer the buyer with cotton silk sarees at an amazing cost and tempting offers. Dominant Cotton Silk Sarees Suppliers Madhya Pradesh Being the largest wholesale supplier of cotton silk sarees, we offer cotton silk sarees that can be worn throughout the day. The cotton silk sarees that we source from the vendors are made of fabric, which is a hybrid of silk and cotton. Our vast-variety of cotton silk sarees are the best option for all the new saree wearers, due to its brilliant fabric. The offered cotton silk sarees are designed to make your body appear slender, besides enhancing your beauty. Product Description The cotton silk sarees have a mix of smooth and shiny looks. The sarees are known to offer maximum comfort, to your skin, preventing sweat and odour. Our range of cotton silk sarees can be donned in any kind of weather conditions with ease- winters, humid or summers The cotton silk sarees offered by us, are popular for regulating the temperature, which in turn stands against the external temperature, making itself a perfect choice for all weather types. The pleats of the saree are worth the attention and grab most of the limelight. It is the brilliant fabric of the cotton silk sarees, which makes it easy-to-drape. For pure quality cotton silk sarees wholesale supplier, you can reach out to us. We have ample of patterns and designs to spoil you with choices. Just place your order for your favourite cotton silk saree in bulk, and you shall never regret your decision to choose us. Tissue Silk Sarees Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Tissue silk sarees are quite famous in today’s modern fashion world. Women who love to look fashionable and sober for them this is the best clothing. Our sarees are in huge demand all around the world. We at Chanderi Handloom Sarees provide our customers with these sarees in bulk at an affordable rate. We are the best Tissue silk saree suppliers India. We have sarees available in all colours and beautiful designs with attached blouse piece. Our sarees are getting popular day by day and women from different backgrounds and ethnicities have started to demand. The patterns on the saree are printed and are unique and amazing. The designs are eye-catchy and the colourful patterns are loved by all. Our sarees are so popular that we have gained regular customers and retailers with huge product demand. Our company was established in the year 2005 in Madhya Pradesh but today we have customers all over India earning profit by selling our products. With all techniques and technologies, Chanderi Handloom Sarees has become India's number one Tissue Silk Sarees Supplier. The sarees that we provide to our clients are elegant and special and people will fall in love with these products of ours. You can increase your business with our help and provide people with the products they demand. Choosing us is beneficial because we have an excellent team filled with skilled and trained employees who offer you with utmost support and will also help you when you are in need. In case if you any queries you can contact us. Our website is user-friendly and you can inquire about our products and our business rules and policies. Our clients appreciate the product that we sell because of their excellent quality and affordable wholesale price. Thus, choose our company and the products as we are the best Tissue Silk Saree Wholesale supplier. Katan Silk Sarees Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 A wide range of pure Katan silk sarees is available at Chanderi Sarees Handloom. We are known to be the standout Katan silk sarees supplier because of the rich and dominant textures. Our amazing collection of Katan silk sarees can be effectively matched with any kind of looks. Get your Hands on the Finest Katan Silk Sarees Our offered Katan silk sarees are one of the most identifiable ones, because of its looks and quality of silk. Now you can get your hands on the purest of Katan silk sarees at the most exciting prices. Our Katan silk sarees are preferred as the most opulent fabrics and are sourced from the most reputable vendors in the market who twists two threads of pure silk fabrics to make it a durable Katan silk saree. Product Description The elegant Katan silk sarees are available in bold colours, motifs, patterns, and designs. Our collection of Kaftan silk sarees varies between trending modern ones to traditional ones. The Katan silk sarees offered by us are created by twisting the silk filaments together. Woven with durable and sturdier fabric, thus leading it to retain its shape, texture, and designs even after years of wearing. The Katan silk sarees that we dole out as the Katan silk sarees wholesale supplier are made available in a variety of designs like floral ornamentation, Katan Karakul butti designs, meenakari designs, square designs, bindi designs, and jhumka designs. The look of our Katan silk sarees epitomizes royalty. Woven with authentic silk threads, it can be worn during any time of the year. Its lightweight fabric makes it easy-to-drape and flaunt even during the summers. The Katan silk sarees are skin-friendly and can be worn throughout the day sans any discomfort. Being the most reputed Katan silk saree supplier India, we offer alluring Katan silk sarees in exquisitely beautiful colour shades and shimmery designs. Grab your favourite Katan silk now, at the best price. Banarasi Silk Sarees Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Leading the market as the dominant Banarasi silk sarees suppliers in India, at Chanderi Sarees Handloom, we offer gorgeous sets of Banarasi silk sarees within your budget. Our range of Banarasi sarees has achieved fame through the years for its silver and gold zari work, intricate patterns, and a stunning concoction of vibrant hues. We are accepted as the bestselling wholesale suppliers of Banarasi silk sarees in Madhya Pradesh, because of our exclusive drapery, which is suitable both for traditional ceremonies and parties. Premium Quality Banarasi Silk Sarees Suppliers Madhya Pradesh We source all our superior Banarasi silk sarees from the most reliable vendors. The sarees are the purest example of authentic silk yarns, followed with jaw-dropping zari work. The texture of the sarees is ultra-soft and lustrous. Available in all bright colours, our collection of Banarasi Silk Sarees is the perfect choice for your memorable events including a wedding. Product Description The latest and traditional varieties of Banarasi silk sarees are available in multiple textures and fabric, which brings about a vast-universe of choices and flavour for the women. The printed Banarasi sarees that we offer, being the largest Banarasi Silk Sarees wholesale supplier depicts the true essence of India’s royal fashion. Defined Drapes Matched with Unique Designs Intricately woven by skilled weavers, using top-notch threads. The Banarasi silk sarees are defined by its zari woven pallu and border. Made of unstitched fabric, the Banarasi sarees can be draped in myriad ways. Our timeless Banarasi silk saree collection is every woman’s dream wardrobe staple, given its beautiful prints and elegant craftsmanship. The feel, fall, and the drape of our Banarasi sarees can be easily distinguished by its exclusivity. The sarees fit your body perfectly, flattering your curves and making you feel good in it. Our silk Banarasi sarees have the texture of silk and are easier to drape. Feel free to contact us when in need of beautifully woven Banarasi silk sarees in bulk quantity. Chanderi Sarees Mon, 10 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Chanderi sarees are best known for its handloom clusters and deserve a special mention for its ancient weaving technique of producing beautiful textured fabrics of cotton and silk embellished with zari designs. At Chanderi Sarees Handloom, we offer the latest and trending collection of Chanderi sarees at factory price, no wonder why we are hailed as the most famous Chanderi saree suppliers India. Renowned Chanderi Sarees Wholesale Suppliers Our sarees are beautifully hand-woven and interspersed with the fragility of the weft motifs that have since ages satisfied the royal tastes of the palaces and castles. Our collection of the Chanderi sarees stands out for being excellent in every way. The Chanderi sarees that you get from us can never put in comparison with any other Chanderi sarees in the world, due to its unmatched quality and sophisticated feels. Product Description The Chanderi sarees are woven with delight with a mix of modern and traditional techniques. Woven with the deft skills of the artisans. The Chanderi sarees are defined for its glossy transparency, lightweight, and sheer texture that helps them earn a name. The Chanderi sarees are preferred for its delicate textures, design colours, and motifs that cater to your need for both the middle class and the elite class. Our Chanderi sarees are popular for its matchless sophistication and are famous amongst all the middle class and elite class wearers. The offered Chanderi sarees are woven of cotton and silk. The sarees are designed using silver, copper, and gold coatings zari work. The handmade motifs embossed on and woven on the sarees are created using the loom. The thread used to make Chanderi sarees is of premium quality and refrains from coming out and hang loose despite years of wearing. The appearance and the original shape of the threads used in the Chanderi sarees remains in shape forever. We deliver the top-graded Chanderi handloom sarees and bags the position of the reliable and most trustworthy Chanderi saree suppliers Madhya Pradesh. Handloom Saree Wed, 17 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Chanderi Handloom Sarees is in business since 2005. We have never failed to fulfil the desired expectations of our customers for a variety of sarees. The items that we serve are beyond the expectations of our prestigious customers. The offered line by our company also includes Handloom sarees which are loved by all. We have always stood prepared for the urgent demand of our customers. Our company is the most reliable and resourceful sarees wholesale supplier in the industry. Reasons why you should choose us, • Quality Product The sarees that we supply to the customers, retailers, and shop owners are of great quality. We guarantee that the products that we sell are quality tested. We never compromise with the quality though we sell products at a cheap rate. We source our products directly from reliable and trusted dealers and manufacturers so that our customers get what they expect. • Varieties Of Products You get different options to fulfil the demand of people. We have products available in different colours and fabrics like cotton. From party wears to wedding wears we have products for all kinds of occasions and seasons. Thus get products from our company and sell it to your customers to earn a profit and satisfy their demands. You will never regret your decision of choosing us as we provide our customers with only the best. • Amazing Features Chanderi Handloom Sarees is a popular and leading saree supplier in India. We provide wholesale sarees that are of amazing quality and have great features too. Our sarees are Breathable, can be Dry cleaned, Easy to wash, Eco Friendly, and has Elegant Design. Thus choose our products and get them delivered at your commercial place without any delay. We provide our customers with excellent services and have become the best Handloom sarees supplier in India. Pattu Silk Chanderi Sares Wed, 17 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 A saree can be a symbol of honour or a simple cloth. Our Chanderi Handloom Sarees online wholesale shop has an exclusive and unique collection of best Pattu Silk chanderi sarees. We offer superior quality sarees that one can order in bulk and get it delivered at their shop or commercial place. The sarees are made with good quality raw materials and are pure. You can wear them on different occasions and also to different parties. Contact us to get unbeatable discounts and prices as we are the best saree suppliers in India. We have regular customers all over India who love and appreciate the quality of our multicolour sarees that can be dry cleaned, easy to wash and also not shrinkable. Step into the world of popular wholesale exclusive sarees at the best sarees suppliers Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi Handloom Sarees. We have the latest design and customised sarees for our clients. Why choose us? Choosing us will be a great idea as you will receive the best delivery experience and that too at an affordable rate. We are recognised for the services that we provide to our customers and clients. This is the reason why we are highly preferred among clients throughout the country. With a great range of products, skills, and knowledge we are recognised as the best sarees suppliers in Madhya Pradesh, India. We follow some values and rules which make us unique and different than our competitors. • Customised business solutions • Honest and ethical business policies • Transparent deals • 100% clients satisfaction We also have excellent team members who are appointed by the company due to their skills and qualification. They are always there to help and guide you and will provide you with the best solutions to your problem. Choose us as we are the most reliable and resourceful Pattu silk chanderi sarees supplier India and enjoy our product quality and excellent customer service. Handloom Chanderi Saree Wed, 17 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ethnic wears are always in trend. Welcome to Chanderi Handloom Sarees where you will get pure and the best quality Handloom Chanderi sarees. We have sarees available in all colours, unique combinations, stunning designs, and have a beautiful collection. The sarees that we sell are Anti-Wrinkle, Easy Wash, and Shrink-Resistant. These sarees are good to go on different occasions, parties, and even make women look elegant and classy. So if you own a shop where you sell only women sarees, we advise you to order in bulk from our company. Your customers and clients will surely fall in love with these sarees and you can earn a huge profit by selling these products from our company. We are the best handloom Sarees suppliers in India selling top quality products at an affordable rate. We are always ready to meet up with urgent demands and orders of our customers and client. We also believe in fast delivery and thus supply products always on time. Our firm works in an organised manner and we take measures to provide 100% client satisfaction. The products that we sell have an amazing texture and are manufactured with the best quality raw materials which make our products superior in quality. Today we stand as a huge name in the industry. Established in the year 2005, our company has gained a lot of praise and appreciation from the clients and customers all over the years due to excellent quality products and customer support services. If you want to know more about our business policies, product prices, and discounts, dial our number or send us an email. We have executives and employees who are always there to support you and provide help to make your shopping experience smooth and easy. Thus deal with us and order products online. Get it delivered right at your commercial place and increase your business. We are the best Handloom Chanderi Sarees Supplier India, providing customers with products at an affordable rate.